• Endorsement Meeting RESULTS for the November 2018 General Elections

    The APA Democratic Caucus of Alameda County is pleased to announce our list of Endorsed Candidates and State Propositions for the 2018 November General Election.
    The successful candidates won 60% of the votes cast by members for their seat.

    State Controller:  BETTY YEE
    State Treasurer:  FIONA MA
    State Board of Equalization, 2nd District:  MALIA COHEN
    US House of Representatives, 17th District:  RO KHANNA
    State Senate, 10th District:  BOB WIECKOWSKI
    State Assembly 16th District:  REBECCA BAUER-KAHAN
    State Assembly 18th District:  ROB BONTA
    State Assembly 20th District:  BILL QUIRK
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction:  TONY K. THURMOND
    Alameda County Assessor:  PHONG LA

    Alameda City Council:  STEWART CHEN & JIM ODDIE
    Alameda School Board:  MIA BONTA & GARY LYM
    👎  NO on Alameda MEASURE K – Measure K puts the city’s Rent Review, Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions law into the city’s charter.  Any changes to the law would then require voter approval.

    Comment:  Few city ordinances warrant amending the City’s Charter to make their provisions less flexible.  A city charter can only be changed through voter approval.  A city’s ordinance can be changed by the city council after public hearings and as new circumstances arise.

    Berkeley City Council, District 1:  IGOR TREGUB
    Berkeley City Council, District 4:  GREG MAGOFÑA
    Berkeley City Council, District 7:  CES ROSALES
    Berkeley City Council, District 8:  LORI DROSTE
    Berkeley Auditor:  JENNY WONG
    Berkeley Rent Stabilization:  JAMES CHANG, JUDY J. HUNT, & PAOLA LAVERDE
    Berkeley School Board:  TY ALPER & JULIE SINAI

    Dublin City Council:  SHAWN KUMAGAI

    Emeryville City Council:  SCOTT DONAHUE & DIANNE MARTINEZ

    Fremont City Council, District 2:  RICK JONES
    Fremont City Council, District 3:  DAVID BONACCORSI
    Fremont City Council, District 4:  DEBRA WATANUKI
    Fremont School Board:  DIANNE JONES & FAHRIA KHAN

    Hayward Mayor:  BARBARA HALLIDAY
    Hayward City Council:  SARA LAMNIN & AISHA WAHAB
    Hayward School Board:  TODD DAVIS & APRIL OQUENDA

    Oakland Mayor:  LIBBY SCHAAF
    Oakland City Council, District 4:  SHENG THAO
    Oakland School Board, District 4:  GARY YEE
    Oakland School Board, District 6:  SHANTHI GONZALES

    San Leandro City Council, District 1:  KENNETH PON
    San Leandro City Council, District 3:  LEE THOMAS
    San Leandro City Council, District 5:  CORINA LOPEZ

    Union City – City Council:  PAT D. GASCOSCOS & HARRIS MOJADEDI
    Union City New Haven USD School Board:  ROSALINDA CANLAS

    BART Board of Directors, District 4:  ROBERT RABURN
    BART Board of Directors, District 6:  ANU NATARAJAN
    East Bay Regional Park District, Ward 5:  AYN WIESKAMP
    Ohlone Community College Board of Trustees, Area 2-Full Term:  SUZANNE LEE CHAN
    Peralta Community Colleges District Trustee, Area 5:  CINDI REISS

    👎  NO on Proposition 6 – Proposition 6 would cut $54 billion over the next decade dedicated to fix roads, freeways and bridges, provide congestion relief, and funding for public transit and safety in communities across California.  This loss of public transit dollars disproportionately hurts Asian American communities, as Asian American workers are more than twice as likely to not to have a private vehicle at home, and nearly 4 times more likely to rely on public transportation, as compared with their white counterparts.  Proposition 6 would decimate California’s ability to revive our failing transportation infrastructure and would cripple our public transit agencies.

    👍  YES on Proposition 10 – The APA Caucus of Alameda County recommends support for Proposition 10, a repeal of the 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act thereby restoring local control and flexibility for cities to craft solutions to address housing costs and rights for all renters. The Act exempted apartments built after 1995 from any local rent control or caps, and all single family homes and condos used as rentals.

    Unfortunately, none of the candidates who participated in the following office races received 60% of the Caucus members voting on the seat to win the endorsement.  We were impressed with the expertise that each member of the panel would bring to the seat and thank them for their thoughtful responses.

    15th Assembly District
    Dublin Mayor

    Fremont City Council, District 1
    San Leandro Mayor
    Oakland City Council, District 2
    Oakland City Council, District 6
    AC Transit Board, At-Large

    AC Transit Board, Ward 5

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